We’re Fed Up Of The Toxic Headlines,
So We’re Starting Something New.


Let’s take a fresh look at the issues that colour our lives,
& start connecting the dots to form the bigger picture.

Are you ready to take control of your own story?

Winglewood Is The Home For ‘Holistic Media’.

We cover stories from an angle of how we can improve our lives & the environment.


And you are invited to be part of it…

Winglewood series

We Do Things Differently

Winglewood recognises that all of our stories are connected…

…But at the moment it’s normal to look at our issues in isolation.

I’ve created a Structure of Series to help us view our news from a fresh perspective, & explore the relationships between the various areas of our lives.

This Is The Very Beginning

Winglewood is a concept created with passion by Helen Fisher. 
A concept for a news platform that teaches us to live with greater joy by taking inspiration from Nature.

‘We Are Carbon’

The first major Winglewood project!

Visit the dedicated website for full details:

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