The Series

Exploring The Relationships Within Our Lives.

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Fantasy Fast Food

The Symbiotic Town

The Waste Chase

Made With Passion

Starting With Me

The Productive Gardener

News. To Inspire Change.

The Series group our content in to a narrative for the various areas of our lives.

Each Series has been carefully considered to allow the boundaries between our issues to be softened.
This replaces a more rigid approach such as ‘health’, ‘environment’, ‘entertainment’, which assumes each area of our life is seperate & can fit in to a box.

The aim is to illustrate the relationships between everything we do, & show how all issues are connected.
The beauty in seeing such links, is that seemly small changes can be shown to have a knock on effect.

Small changes by many people can have powerful results.

Each Series is ongoing and contains a mix of content.
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Helen's Musings

In addition to the Six Series Helen also runs her Musings Blog, where she voices her concepts & perspectives which drive the thinking behind Winglewood.

We’re moving away from dramatic headlines that are there to catch your eye one day, and gone the next. And petty stories that demand you give significance to situations that are beyond the scope of your own life. 

Our news is unconventional. We’re bringing information that can be directly applied within your own life. The Series display it in a way that helps you visualise how all the little things that we do have an impact on the whole.

Rather than news which leaves us feeling miserable, we’re now moving towards the steps to take control of our own happiness, health, and to look after the planet.

Inspired By Nature

Nature flows. Society doesn't.

Our short introduction explains how Nature can become our teacher when seeking steps to improve our lives.

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