I want to say the most enormous thank you for signing up to the membership so early on! 

As you can see, things are a little sparse to begin with. The content at Winglewood is going to be very much like that tiny snowball that keeps gaining pace and momentum as it rolls down the hill. 

This October is the start of a more structured schedule, and I’m looking forward to getting it into action. 

For you to believe in Winglewood enough to join the membership is the most fantastic encouragement that I can imagine. Thank you!
We really will be developing this business together, and I don’t mean to put any pressure on you with that. It’s just that I see so many potential avenues and branches that the content direction can take, and since it’s you who’s supporting it, it makes sense to tailor things with a mind to your preferences.

I always anticipate that there will be a variety of content types (longer articles, mixed with quick references and short videos etc). But if it turns out that members like yourself are leaning more towards one, then I’ll certainly put an emphasis there. 

If you know what you like, please do feel free to let me know!
You can find the contact form throughout the site, and I’ll always be eager to hear from you.

Suggestions, Issues & Authenticity

This platform is something that I’m building one step at a time. It’s very human. Just me (at the moment) finding ways and means to share my ideas, and those from others’ that I find inspiring.

You have my promise that your membership is always appreciated. Together with my desire for you to input with the content direction, I also want to assure you that I’m always here if you experience any issues or concerns. The internet is a broad place that can be full of ominous scams and suspicious nonsense, so I want to absolutely reassure you that there is none of the bad stuff here!

If you wish to cancel your membership but are struggling with the process – just ask me. (You can cancel at any time – the button is shown on your ‘My Account’ page).

I won’t be insulted if you point out a spelling mistake to me, or if you let me know that something isn’t quite displaying properly. Whatever issue or suggestion you have I’ll always appreciate it being brought to my attention.
If you prefer to chew over the content and keep yourself to yourself then I’m good with that too. Just know that I’m here if anything is leaving you unsure or unhappy. 

In fact I’m going to give you my direct email address, in case that contact form ever gets glitchy – helen@winglewood.com

As I take the steps to put my ambitions for Winglewood into action I’m well aware that I wouldn’t be able to do it without you. I’ll not be able to promise that everything will be perfect, but I can assure you that your support – whether that be your continued membership or simply following for free and sharing with your friends. Your support is making this happen, and I couldn’t be more grateful!

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