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by | Dec 10, 2020

Good For You:

So much of the stuff we chuck away is actually incredibly useful. I created this video as a bit of festive fun, but it's the mindset of seeing the waste as a resource that I'm hoping will stick with you. It's always great to save some money, which of course is an immediate benefit of re-using rubbish. But along with this there's that opening of possibilities where you realise you have something unique to work with that you might not have been able to pop out & buy.

Helps The Planet:

Tackling our problem of over consumption is becoming of wider interest as it's so apparent that our habits are not sustainable. Directly reusing waste helps to find a solution from both ends.
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  1. Joe W

    1. This looks like a lot of fun!
    2. Isn’t that the workspace where Richard’s videos are filmed as well?

    Thanks a lot, I have been thinking about these things (reducing and reclaiming) lately as well.

    • Helen Fisher

      Thanks Joe! They are great fun 🙂 and they’re the sort of thing that you make and then come up with loads of new ideas of how you can make other things with it too.
      Yes!! This is the workshop that Richard works in. Or at least it’s where we usually film, however there’s a load of building work needed in there at the moment so things are very upside down! I’m making use of what space I can, and we’ve set up elsewhere temporarily for the woodworking.


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