Cleaning With Conkers

by | Nov 24, 2020

Good For You:

Cleaning products have a tendency to be filled with harsh chemicals and toxins that really aren't healthy to be exposed to. Saponins, the soap like chemicals found within the conkers, offer a gentle cleaning solution that won't irritate or dry or impact our health. And if we zoom out & consider a bulk switch to natural solutions such as this for all our daily cleaning tasks, from washing the laundry to the floors, then the impact at scale would also offer us healthier environments to enjoy outdoors, and be a step towards cleaner beaches and drinking water for example.

Helps The Planet:

Reducing our dependence on toxic cleaning products could offer a huge improvement to the cleanliness of water courses and the oceans, supporting the habitats and animals that live in them. And shifting towards products which are grown within hedgerows and on trees will encourage more to be sown, offering a multitude of benefits to the planet in the coming years. Increased biodiversity, creation of habits & micro climates, improving our soils - it could be a shift towards integrating our needs with nature in such a beneficial balance.
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