Which Natural Cleaning Products?

by | Nov 19, 2020

It’s not easy making a switch from the daily products we’ve come to love.
But many of us are aware that the cleaning products we reach for are full of stuff that we’d rather not be spreading around our homes or the environment.

With so many natural alternatives available, have you had any success in going toxin-free for any of your cleaning chores?
Have you found that going natural can be as good or even better than using the harsher stuff?


Can you recommend any homemade or branded natural cleaning products that have become your new go-tos?

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  1. Helen

    I’m a fond user of essential oils around the home, and love how one small bottle can go such a long way in all manner of simple recipes for various uses. Lemongrass is one of my go-to essential oils for cleaning as it’s wonderfully fresh and safe for the dogs (I’ll be sharing some specific recipes shortly – don’t use essential oils neat!).
    I make up most of my cleaning stuff from scratch these days, with vinegar being another common ingredient. It’s all very basic stuff!

    Have you found dependable products you can buy off the shelf?

    And if you’re unsure about giving the natural stuff a try, what are your main reservations??


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