Composting Methods For Small Scale

by | Nov 19, 2020

Much of our kitchen waste is suitable for composting, but it doesn’t always seem practical to do so if that’s the only waste we have to compost. It’s a shame for it to end up in a landfill when nature can pretty much process it for us, and provide something useful at the same time.


Can you share ideas, DIY methods or products that you’ve had success with for small scale composting?

  • What food types can go in to your system?
  • Can it be set up and used indoors?
  • How frequently does it need adding to?

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  1. Helen

    Any solutions are worth discussing here, whether that’s building a specific device, or experiences of how you’ve set up a larger system that many neighbors have arranged to use together.
    If it makes it practical for the daily peelings and scraps from a household to make their way to being composted, then please do share!


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