Celebrate A Community Project!

by | Nov 19, 2020

Often the most powerful solutions are also the simplest, and community projects fall in to this perfectly.
Taking an excess can of soup from a cupboard where it’s unwanted, and helping it reach the hands of someone in real need of a square meal. That’s incredible if you think about it!
But in a world that’s so busy and detached we shouldn’t let the simplicity of that fool us. It takes a whole lot of consideration, selflessness and time for any community effort to be put in to action.


Do you know of a Community Project that you can inspire us with?

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  1. Helen

    The thought of building back trust and relationships within our local area can feel daunting. That’s how it seems to me anyhow, and yet I can see how incredibly powerful and beneficial it would be.
    Whatever type of support is offered through community work it seems that the biggest challenge is bringing people together, and maybe breaking down some of the barriers of our differences.

    If you’re involved in a project in anyway, it would be fantastic if you could share some insights and stories.
    How did it get started? How is it impacting people? What are the difficulties that it’s had to overcome? …..

  2. michael

    Hi again Helen. I am gogin to see if I can get in touch with some lovely people in a small hamlet in Northumberland/Durham called Cornsay Colliery and see what became of their project that I was part of designing as a PDC student back in 2017. if I manage to get hold of them I could ask them if they would like to feature on your blog as a success story?Shall I ask them? where should I send the design in the meantime? can I upload it here?

    • Helen Fisher

      Hi Michael, that would be fantastic! Thank you for the thought, I’d love for them to share their story here if they’re interested. For the upload would it be possible for it to be emailed through? If so the address is photos@winglewood.com

      Thanks again 🙂


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