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Exploring the Potential in Our Growing Spaces!

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19th June 2024

Exploring the Potential in Our Communities!

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12th July 2024

Building Collaborations

That Help Us Realise our Potential to Regenerate


Winglewood is the home of creative outputs by Helen Fisher.
Artist | Grower | Lover of Nature


Winglewood combines inspiration from her evolving food forest with the global insights from her podcast ‘We Are Carbon’.
The intersection is an exploration of the role we can play through our gardens, green spaces and communities to collaboratively evolve and regenerate the systems around us.

Inspired by Nature. In Support of Nature. Built with Community.

Introducing Albert The Bee!

Albert The Bee is our mascot in development.

He’s on his way to share regenerative knowledge through stories that inspire on our potential to regenerate together.

Support Winglewood today by helping him take flight!
A donation of any size will go a long way to making Albert’s work possible. And as a thank you you’ll receive a special Albert The Bee screen saver 🙂

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